Trajectories that hit the mark within the art market

Art investment and insurance finally made lighter through a bias-free hedonic evaluator

Moving with ease in illiquid markets can be hard sometimes – especially among the art market – where transparency and clarity are often left behind.

The hedonic score behind visuals uncovers the impact of artworks on human senses and emotions

Drawing upon theories of visual neuroscience and art psychology, Kellify bridges the gap between traditional quantitative approaches and the need of reading the imponderable, emotional, and aesthetic aspects, supporting you in more than just estimating the value of artwork – but creating liquidity forecasts and predicting the future trends that will be the main drivers.

Science-driven recommendations are easy, reliable, and fast

Adding an AI recommendation tool that works via APIs provides precise suggestions on what to invest or insure, making you forget the hassle of calling for art experts’ evaluations, and uncovering tons of opportunities, whatever your goal is. From streamlining and robotizing art & collectibles evaluations by automatically update policies’ values yearly, showing artworks’ best picture, and gaining success in digital ecosystems.