Magnetic visuals turning Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns

Uncover endless chances to be seen

From their on-the-go moments to the places with higher dwell times, enlarging the scale of reach by knowing how to grab users’ attention is now made possible. We have found out that trick lies behind science.

Reach skyrocketed impressions in just few clicks

Kellify’s AI engine brings OOH, banners, and visual heroes to the next level, showing first the pictures that are worth seeing. It leads the demand side to the roof, raises brand reputation and identity – while engaging users in any place, at any time. Through AI recommendations – made easy via APIs – Kellify provides you with a direct impact on your brand, leading you to boosted onboarding, conversions, and overall KPIs. It makes users fall in love with your renewed charm and is a smart way to make them stay in the loop, preventing them from looking somewhere else.

“How can I make my OOH thrive”?

An On-demand web service supports your creative and strategic journey, not replacing you, but carefully providing a selection of the most attractive images among the ones you selected. It simply helps you taking hand-picked decisions, enhancing the fine-tuning process between your preferred target and the visual contents you are willing to showcase. Simply drag the images you are willing to test, apply geo, demo, or gender filters, and get the result of the most successful pictures in few seconds.