Drive conversions on Food Delivery, Classified adv, and Second-hand platforms with targeted attractive visuals

Showcase your most suggestive visuals to trigger users explore your feed

Have you ever wondered how many times your user is about to add to his cart that item, but changes his mind due to uninspiring pictures?

To avoid churn rates and finally get customers exactly what they want at the right time, Kellify makes you showcase only the most engaging images on your digital window – whether you are a second-hand seller, a food delivery app, or even a classified adv platform.

Triggering customers with visually attractive images is a direct way to grab their attention, improves their experience since the very first interaction, and enhances the on-platform journey from awareness to advocacy.

Automatically orchestrate galleries on your digital platform

With recommendations based on what the target audience might be most visually engaged by, you raise on-platform conversions and improve the quality of your appearance. From European Baby boomers to American Gen Z, or even APAC-based Millennials, Kellify enhances your content delivery precision and increases your efficiency in terms of time and effort.

How can I get Kellify?

Kellify recommendation engine is easy to adopt, with a high business impact. Just plug & play our engine to your system via APIs and automatically orchestrate galleries leveraging our science-driven AI. A super quick and smart way for discovering the most suitable “outfit” for selected audiences, simply tuning in with their visual-based tastes.