Tapping into the chemistry behind tv series and films’ thumbnails

The science behind “why you watched”

The choice of the tv series or film to see is a mixture between personal tastes, current and previous experiences, or even word of mouth. But not only. People who live on these platforms need striking content, which -for you- translates into the magic door for keeping them in the loop.

The quickest way to a front-row ticket

AI knows exactly what will catch people’s eyes, preventing them from the random selection of what might interest them and replacing the common logic/boredom of first-appear-first-watch. Applying an AI-engine that delivers you clear-cut recommendations built on the chemistry of the most captivating thumbnail, shows you what glues your onboarded customers to the screen by displaying the best cover of a tv series, a film, or whatever of your proposed contents.

Win-win impact

APIs recommendations make you stand out the most influencing images to create meaningful impressions: once engaged through a captivating thumbnail, you unlock a smart way to make people yearn for the “play” button.