Leading the way with the pictures most likely to be swiped

Redesigning the rules of falling in love. Here’s how

Meeting people is easy, but not all of them strike our attention. Especially on dating apps, extra-full places where people gather to meet, simply share moments, or find love. As we know enabling these experiences by shortening distances is on your agenda, we have designed an easy-to-fit way of boosting dating matches: essentially, increasing your onboarding and further customer retention levels.

Maximize users’ appearance on screen to skyrocket their success

A science-backed process deeply rooted in AI and Neuroscience extracts the most influencing picture among a pool of pre-selected images, which will be used as their next profile picture. By integrating APIs within your dating app or platform you let smoother matches across profiles happen, simply based on the prioritization of attractive images. The hedonic score provided by artificial intelligence taps into the aesthetic features that lead us towards liking or rejecting a given visual stimulus. Learning from tons of data – images – over the years, it learned what lies behind the chemistry of making people fall in love.

Add a super-powered lens to your “swipe” action

Leveraging the power of a data-driven prediction based on the inner connection between consumers’ pictures and the company target makes you extremely attractive, leading to higher consumption rates and premium transactions.