Give people better video picks while you engage them

Tune in with the way users consume vertical contents in extra-full, visual-based places

Uncovering moments of engagement opens up new exciting horizons, where your broad array of goals are always met – whether it is to match your adv with a selected target audience, to place a product in the exact moment you should do it, or to deliver fascinating previews with the aim of generating word of mouth.

Let science reveal your most successful content

To create bite-sized or longer videos that can engage viewership, you need to know exactly which of the frames will trigger the attention of interest groups – from Gen Z to Baby boomers of any age and part of the world. Carefully mapping the emotional and engagement trajectory through attention peaks, ensures you get it done easily.

Learn how and when to hit your target

AI recommendations suggest the eye-catching scenes that mostly stand out when put in any online context. Relying on APIs recommendations, Deep learning models deployed by Kellify enable us to make you drive your audience to seek for more vertical contents. It does so by scientifically testing in just few moments how much the frames impact the audience involvement, and to direct your visual strategy towards specific clusters by applying geo, demo, or gender-based filters.