Orchestrate and prioritize the catchiest visual contents of your e-commerce gallery

Augmented experience, augmented cart

Adding a tool to your engine that recommends the most appealing product pictures lets you unleash the best version of anything you wish to showcase on your window. It reveals the thumbnails with the highest hedonic score to let you showcase the best version of your content, supporting the creative and strategic effort that lies behind with science-driven suggestions.

Whether it is to display the most attractive visual hero, banner, or photo gallery cover, science helps you tune in with your target audience according to demo, geo, and gender criteria. Filters simply finetune your goals in seconds.

The first glance is what matters most​

Through AI recommendations – made easy via APIs – Kellify provides you with a direct impact on your brand, leading you to boosted onboarding, conversions, and overall KPIs. It makes users fall in love with your renewed charm and is a smart way to make them stay in the loop, preventing them from looking somewhere else.

Superpowers, now made a breeze​

Our embedded AI-driven engine allows to turn the user’s first glance into a transaction by supporting your e-commerce or classifier workflow to enable you to orchestrate your window at the best and prioritizing the pictures that matter most for your target.