As the real estate market heats up, science makes you ride the wave

Have you ever struggled with providing your customer with a precise valuation?

The housing market is a tough landscape to handle. Prices are typically influenced by several factors making it harder to develop a precise estimation of the value of a property. While parameters such as the apartment’s size or the number of rooms can be easily handled by professionals through objective and universal methods, considering the aesthetic value of a property is subject to highly biased and opinion-driven evaluations. 

Pictures, context, and satellite images drive unbiased score

A science-driven analysis of property metadata and hedonic features such as the image thumbnail shown in the advertisement, context, and satellite images, paves the way for scaling the real estate market, overcoming subjective evaluation.

AI-based estimations at hand

An easy-to-use dashboard or automated service lets users boost acquisition strategy, manage risk and collateral at scale. 

Property market made easy, for everyone

You can now have a reliable tool to robotize mortgage collateral evaluation, support online marketplace users with a price assistant, or boost property development all over the world.