Make images and videos profitable

Orchestrate, pick, and cluster images and videos that shape ROI

Images are digital windows that stimulate people towards the most compelling visual stories to showcase. As they are humans’ main source of information, and act as carriers of meaning, they help us either to understand the surrounding world, make decisions, or even take actions. By relying on a scientific layer, we turned images into knowledge, making it become our breeze – and that of our customers.

Give AI-superpowers to
eye-relevant contents

Kellify uncovers the most compelling visual contents for the eyes, allowing creatives, video-makers, head of conversions to drive traffic, enhance precision and increase your efficiency.


  • Automatically orchestrate galleries on your digital platform, e.g. e-commerce, aggregator, classified adv, marketplace
  • Recommend items that tune the most with user tastes, be it a US GenZ or a French Millennial, based on searches and preferences
  • Select images to be showcased on your key touchpoints, from digital (social media, websites) to offline presence (OOH campaigns, in-store adv)
  • Reveal the catchiest scenes to get fancy video covers or trailers, or seek out the next promising tv series or movie to produce


Easy to adopt, with high business impact

Anyone who handles visual content creation, delivery, or management in your company can use our user-friendly web app to get popularity scores of images in real-time. In volume-intensive contexts, galleries are orchestrated via APIs. With no infrastructure costs and low IT effort, Kellify increases interactions and sales without disrupting your day-by-day processes.

Standardized visual assets

When users create new ads, detect the picture that meet the most your requirements to ensure compliance to your image and shooting quality standards.


  • Verify if dimension, ratio, resolution, focus, etc. respond to your standard guidelines
  • Detect if undesired elements (people, other vehicles, etc.) are present in the scene
  • Tag image elements: the front or side of a car, interior areas or details of a house, and much more
  • Tell if an image will likely produce the so-called Moiré effect

Catch video peaks

Unleash moments that strike attention. Find out the overall interest trajectory among scenes to uncover the ones that drive attention the most. It helps you saving time and supercharging your creative efforts while building previews, campaigns, adv, or longer videos for any of your goals. Engage audiences with remarkable scenes now.

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