Get smarter property valuation

Adopt an automated valuation model (AVM) on residential RE assets by leveraging wise visual data

Years of expertise within Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision fields lead us towards the use of both properties’ traditional data (e.g. address, number of rooms, surface area in m2) and innovative data (such as apartments’ visuals) in order to have an assessment that more closely simulates the human being. Our know-how allows to robotize the real estate valuations carried out by technical experts, turning the subjective into objective by using a scientific and quantitative approach.

Grasping the property market context

To respond to the problem of housing market prices, that are influenced by a combination of discretionary components and whose assessments are usually made one-to-one, we elaborated highly accurate and automatized prices estimation based on bias-free insights which makes target customers forget the hassle of human-biased expertise.

Moreover, as predictive Real Estate models rely mostly on Property Metadata and leave out relevant information (e.g. Property Images), we integrated a data-driven hedonic component based on Property Images and Description to increase the accuracy of evaluation models.


Science enables to reach high levels of accuracy for several targets

Banks and Financial Services

Qualified experts’ appraisals might be subjected to human biases, therefore firms might audit them to monitor evaluation homogeneity ex post Kellify helps in the valuations’ workflow to reach homogeneity standards ex ante, and auditing tons of appraisals instead of randomly selecting samples (or, similarly, assessing experts performance in valuations).


Real Estate Instant Buyers

Instant Buyers need to use reliable and accurate data to evaluate properties. However, they mostly rely on Property Metadata models, leaving out essential information such as Property Images. Kellify supports Instant Buyers in buying properties at the fairest price by leveraging the hedonic information (i.e. Property Images) at their disposal.

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