Find out compelling trends

See how trajectories and trends change over time

The value of illiquid assets is determined both by the visual and contextual characteristics e.g name of the author or applied art techniques for a blue-chip artwork, or surface width and location for estates  – and its impact on human senses and emotions. At Kellify, drawing upon theories of visual neuroscience and art psychology, we do not only estimate artworks’ or property values, but also create liquidity forecasts and predict future trends.

Drive meaningful evaluations across industries

The tool applies a data-driven and a bias-free approach to assess the aesthetic and objective markers that spur human senses, contributing to evaluate “beauty” with the final aim of supporting investment and insurance segments through an on-demand tool.

Grasping viewership's elicited sensations drive unbiased hedonic score

A science-driven analysis of the hedonic features that deeply characterize images, paves the way for overcoming the subjective evaluation of which art and real estate are deeply steeped.

Tons of opportunities ahead

Through our artificial intelligence techniques, we extract meaningful information that enhances items’ valuation accuracy, be it the thumbnail of an artwork or the adv of a property.  Question science anytime you need through an easy-to-use dashboard or automated service and get the output in seconds.

With “Find out compelling trends”, you unlock the sensory-pleasing pictures that reveal more than just beauty. Whether it is to streamline alternatives’ market processes with fairer evaluations or to reveal the thumbnails and trends that score big on targeted audiences.

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