Ensure a diverse and inclusive communication

Unveil your visual D&I and become a true diversity and inclusion champion

It takes 50ms to form an opinion about a brand – and 90% of the info we receive is visual; this means we judge brands in a blink of an eye.

So we developed an AI providing brands with Visual D&I Report, a snapshot about the state of the visual representation of gender, ethnicity, age range, and body image, suggesting a more balanced and aware D&I communication.

Visuals shape people’s mind

Visual language has no geographic barriers. Becoming a true D&I Champion is not just a matter of internal policies, but also of how people perceive you. Visual communication lingers in the hearts of the audience and conveys messages and emotions in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Sharing images means telling stories, and telling the stories of everyone is crucial to make your audience feel included in the narrative. Balancing your visual communication would allow your audience to see diversity not as an exception anymore.

The benefits of adopting a D&I-as-a-whole strategy are several

D&I are even an increasingly important component of the “S” in ESG, and are one of the most monitored metric. When organizations take care of ESG the benefits are huge:

  • higher valuation of the company on the market
  • agencies provide higher rates
  • investors buy more shares
  • commitment raises within due diligence operations. Indeed, to companies that are bringing forward due diligence operations, Gradient gives the opportunity to add this feature

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