Catch video peaks

Unleash moments that strike attention

Catch video peaks is carefully designed to mirror the way people consume video – from bite-sized clips to longer ones for chill. This tool explores how attention changes over frames’ time, mapping the level of engagement that each of them conveys. To let you hit target audiences, Kellify’s AI knows when it is the best moment to place a call to action or product in a videoclip or simply make eye-catching scenes stand out anywhere.

Compelling contents for the eye

Emotional and attentional processes play the same game: they both influence perception, and as a consequence, customers’ interaction and satisfaction. Knowing what and when to submit contents to users’ eyes helps you strike them within the very first moments of interaction, laying the foundations for future engagement.

Engage audiences with remarkable scenes

Find out the overall interest trajectory among scenes to uncover the ones that drive attention the most. It helps you saving time and supercharging your creative efforts while building previews, campaigns, adv, or longer videos for any of your goals.


Scenes that stand out anywhere

To know which audiences are stimulated the most by your compelling frames, apply filters such as Geo, Demo, or Gender, based on your needs. Choose APIs to automatically orchestrate your store or digital window core, or on-demand tools if you need to take one-by-one decisions

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