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Founded in 2018 by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs from Columbia, Sophia Antipolis, and NASA, Kellify raised $9.0m+ in funding. True to our need for scaling, we blossomed into a team of 50+ people from more than 10 countries, and we are currently live globally with offices in Genoa, Madrid, New York and Seoul.

Governance & Key People

Marco Formento

Non Executive Board Member​

Fabrizio Malfanti

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Beltratti

Non Executive Board Member

Barbara Poli

Non Executive Board Member​

Gabriele Torre

Chief AI Officer

Sara Carbone

Vp of Business Development

Loredana Ottria

Advisory Board Member


physicists, data engineers and digital enablers

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Our aim is to light up current and future image-dwelt realities. But to do so, we need scientists, thinkers, designers, creators, business-oriented people, and many more. We simply need the boldest ones, willing to take on challenges across the world and create the future with us. See the open positions on our talent page or reach out to become a partner.

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