Thinking smart, playing fierce.

In the last two years at Kellify, we have scaled a world class tech organisation from zero to 25+ people. Knowing how to scale a tech and product team effectively and efficiently is no easy and conventional task. There is also a lot of literature, venture fluff, events and even MBA programs that cover how to run a scaling.

There seems to be a void, however, on how to transition from a small company with a small team into a scaling organization without dying in the process. That void is left for entrepreneurs to figure out. Many entrepreneurs have faced failure at this stage, not for lack of tractions or clients but due to the difficulty of handling the load. There is no policy, there is no procedure. There are a north star and people with the same metric for success. An attitude that sets teams up for resilience is characterized by a competitive spirit, energy and optimism. Teams that shine in the attitude department have team members who bring a “can-do” attitude to work. They are willing to adapt, grow and learn with transparency.

Developing a spirited team with a “can do” attitude greatly impacts the world kicking into product-market scale. All of this happens thanks to zero friction during growth. We have made an explicit pact around every early employee and executive growth, the company’s growth, how they must connect, and how one day they won’t. Our goal is to become the largest brain in tune with the next generation of transversal and pervasive competencies, exactly as electricity or water do: while the first one ignites what surrounds us, the second can reach the thinnest and deepest rifts.