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STEAM approach at the core of our Exponential Organization engine

To light up human senses at the sight of a compelling image, you cannot keep algorithms, machine, and deep learning techniques strictly locked in labs. Contrarily, you need to use them as the leverage for grasping the experiences that visual stimuli convey – either those that have settled within the picture itself or in the viewer mindset – alongside the related feelings and emotions, which are not easy to seize – and turn on entire markets. 

As a science company, Kellify knows it well. To reach this goal, it certainly taps into STEM subjects, which typically refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. But it doesn’t stop here. Since its inception, it realized that a recent and powered version of this approach, which adds an “A” to the basic version, actually fits well among super-fast-paced environments and their workflows.

Commonly used in top-level academics, STEAM lies at the intersection of the above mentioned traditionally scientific fields and humanistic, and more art-related subjects that involve creativity and design, including right-sided brain skills such as communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Added to their counterpart, these features make up the essential playground for future-proof scale-ups, becoming the cornerstone for a winning technique that aims at onboarding brilliant, open-minded talents who let the business thrive while forging their professional skill set, and preparing themselves to play key roles in visionary companies such as ours. 

With this in mind, we have strived to establish a can-do attitude that constantly goes the extra mile as a daily to-do, with transversal competencies that overcome the common silo-based approach of traditional corporations. And then product architects all of a sudden acquire finance-oriented skills, graphic designers tap into the marketing strategy activities, tech-oriented individuals learn from salespersons, and so on. 

Tapping into each others’ skills and behaviors, either to learn from them or to leverage these competencies when needed, creates the ideal environment to shape the key people of tomorrow. An environment that also looks at breaking down the barriers of stereotypes that typically see professionals such as mathematicians, physicians, or software developers depicted as male. 

From this, the willingness of bringing back young talents that previously settled abroad, or to catch new all over the world. Partnering up with top-ranked, global footprinted universities with a growth mindset – that mirrors the one of Kellify – helps us massively in this goal. Events, business games, and the broad array of activities that come up by the synergies with institutions become valuable touchpoints for networking with fresh, outside-the-box thinkers that might join our team, or unlocking other kinds of opportunities just by exchanging opinions around one of the “hottest industries” of the moment such as AI.  With this in mind, our strategy frictionlessly aims at developing a talent onboarding strategy whose humanistic and scientific momentum meet to forge new captivating products that draw on realities dwelt by images. 

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