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  • Kellify to deliver the best thumbnails for Korean webtoons

Kellify to deliver the best thumbnails for Korean webtoons

South Korea’s love towards technology, brought to the development of webtoons, digital novels that have managed to completely change the comics game scenery. This brand new era in terms of digital comics is of great interest to Kellify, a science-centric scale-up revealing visual experiences that strike human senses.

These digital comics, as the name can suggest, derive from a combination of the words web and cartoon, and they are available through different online networks. Their enormous affluence is to be found with the introduction of vertical strip layout, originally introduced to facilitate the vision through mobile phones. Furthermore, their representation differs from the more commonly known Japanese mangas, which are only available in a physical form and do not feature colorful backgrounds or music and animations.

Thanks to its powerful AI, Kellify is able to support the webtoon networks by providing the best shot or most compelling image to display as the cover of these extremely hyped novels. What Kellify can add to the cart is a significant increase in terms of user engagement, delivering a completely new experience by benefiting retention whether we are talking about actual users or attracting new ones.

Kellify is bringing its scientific-driven expertise not only to the webtoon industry but also to all those entertainment-related realities that are interested in facing greater awareness of their own content, being able to enhance it with perfectly target-oriented and customized images. This can lead to a world of opportunities, adding value to these industries and impacting the way content is fruited, also further improving the digital or offline user experience.

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