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Our STEAM approach

We love bringing young talents in a science-driven environment: we look for profiles that match our approach deeply rooted in STEM + ART (Read the article).

And to do so, we tap into some of the most well-known institutions from all over the world. Together with them, we design experiences to give students a taste of what it means to be part of an exponential organization such as Kellify, providing them with the opportunities to make their skills into play: challenges, business games, interactive classes, and much more.  

Find below our key players, and reach out to us if you are willing to show us your value, whether you are a student or an institution that aims at partnering with us.

Talents that matter

ESCP is the bridge between Kellify and MBAs students, where candidates get the chance to know our reality and to be in the spotlight. If you are keen on taking part in our periodical challenges or activities such as Virtual Career Fairs, please drop us an email at jkachour@escp.eu, mrossaro@escp.eu or directly contact ESCP@kellify.com to be the first to know when the run starts. We’re waiting for you!

Our window on the scientists of tomorrow: the DIMA (department of mathematics) within the University of Genoa perfectly mirrors our pursuit of STEAM profiles willing to take on challenges across the globe. The department of Genoa is known to be an international cornerstone where to draw brilliant minds, and that is why we established a lifelong synergy with it. Please drop us a line if you’d love to show us your talented skills and tell us why you should be part of the team that is redesigning worlds dwelt by images, or challenge yourself by diving into exciting activities.

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