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Kellify continues its international expansion into Spain

Kellify, the science-centric scale-up that comprehends the world through images, as of September, will also be operating in Madrid, thanks to a partnership with Madrid Investment Attraction, the Madrid City Council body responsible for attracting foreign investment to the Iberian capital.

The scale-up is designing the future of image recognition to make advertisements and ads more effective, to identify trends in artworks, to automate the valuation of real estate and to recognize the inclusivity of visual communication. Some of these fast-growing apps have become brands themselves, such as Gradient, the artificial intelligence that reveals the level of diversity and inclusion delivered by brand images, or Naiada, the first AI that reveals which masterpieces from auctions around the world will trend positively in the future.

Today Kellify, with a global business in the fastest growing sectors such as e-commerce, real estate, wealth management and with offices in three continents, has landed in Spain, and Pietro Mondini, VP of Global Expansion, will lead the Spanish team. “Madrid and the Spanish market represent a great opportunity for Kellify, thanks to the significant growth of the Fashion and Retail sectors, the relevance of the Real Estate sector and the size of the players in the Financial Industries segment, not forgetting the strategic importance of the Spanish capital for the high-tech sector at European level.”
Kellify has raised $9 million of funding since its inception, and from late 2020, international scaling began with the opening in Seoul, South Korea.  “In the expansion plan, the estimated growth is exponential, and this is just the beginning. Depending on the growth, we will evaluate further access to venture or debt capital,” remarks Francesco Magagnini, CEO of Kellify, who continues: “After Seoul, Madrid will allow us to grow by innovating not only all over the world, but from all over the world”.

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