User Story.

It’s 7 am and my alarm rings. Time to start a fresh new daily routine. First of all, I open up my laptop to see the latest episode of my favorite tv series. I recently found out that an algorithm helps On-demand entertainment platforms discover their best-in-class contents based on the chemistry between humans’ behaviors and aesthetical features, simply from the appeal of the mainframe. The same algorithm makes my everyday journey run smoothly, from when I open my eyes to when I go to sleep.

I head to the office. Karen – a colleague of mine – tells me she’s having a lot of fun on her Dating app recently. When in doubt about which profile picture to post to unleash the best version of herself and get more “swipe right”, she asks a new tool in the app to suggest her which photo will catch the attention of her next crush. 

In the meantime, my phone rings: there’s a new request from a client who wants to protect his vintage car collection. My new tool enables me to get art insuring done in a wink, so I just need to take a snapshot of the item and I will get back the exact evaluation. I’m so glad my customer satisfaction will hit the roof!

During our conversation I am browsing my favorite brand’s website as I need to revamp my clothing. Recently, I read that a new energy catalyzes shelves or online windows appeal totally nailing them. Making the observer’s eyes glimpse by the beauty for what’s seen, pushes visitors to instantly crave for having that garment in their closet.

A friend calls me afterward. As a wealth manager, he follows the Personal finance of a man looking for the best return in high-end sneakers to start repaying the MBA he enrolled in some years ago. He found a new tool to use whenever a client needs a financial recommendation: in this way, users are never disappointed by his job which is now 100% accurate and supported by objective data. At the same time, he knows his daughter is putting some of her pocket money on her dream bag through her Banking app to have a portion of it within her passion asset cake.  

At 1 pm my tummy starts rumbling. I want something tasty and crispy delivered at the office, but choosing from a picture is a difficult task and I might end up getting something different from what I imagine. I suddenly see that Kellify deals with Food delivery apps by recommending the best picture that will strike the audience’s eyes. It could be nice to finally have a match between my minds’ desires and reality.

While leaving the office I meet Luca, a friend of mine working for the Media company next door. He’s super happy about an algorithm that tells him in seconds what cover of his worldwide magazine will rock the industry. “Amazing, isn’t it?” I think to myself. “It simply makes your world go”.

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