Standing out the most influencing images to create meaningful impressions.
Fresh out the oven: a new feature makes your head spin to make your appeal skyrocket, whatever you are: a worldwide well-established influencer, a hype sneaker brand, or the fastest food-delivery app in town.

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Uniqueness leads far away, and we know it well: we are cooking up the science that moves the world through images and shapes. Over the last months, we have worked hard to deliver brands with our new recommendation engine, either on-platform or on-cloud through a drag and drop system that takes only a few seconds to say what will be the most influencing version of yourself. It has been a fine-tuning path made of constant re-definition and trial moments; a build-measure-learn process rather than a single Eureka moment.

Finding a product-market fit is a process that involves creating a dance-like movement between the offer and the environment, that also involves taking the most powerful and compelling aspects of the product and delivering them in the form of ‘WOW’-level features. These are not merely compelling, but rise to the level of changing people’s points of view about what is believed to be possible and create intense delight for customers.

Exceeding that delight is paramount to us: our energy – or, as we love to say, our science – provides clear-cut automated recommendations, acting straight on the company core and on everything related to marketing and brand communication (e.g. how companies want to appear, how they convey their stories or how they grab the attention of customers through offline and online campaigns). The chemistry that lay behind glamour magazines covers rather than the one that makes a man’s breath simply go away when stepping into a hall museum and seeing a pointillism painting, or that of a woman captured by the latest housekeeping product Ad outside a supermarket, can set in motion a series of actions and emotions that give birth to others chain reactions: whether we are talking about pushing sales, awareness or all the discovery stages that follow.

But let’s consider this for a moment: every picture tells a story, and the power it holds overtakes anything. Through images, concepts, emotions, and feelings are expressed. Entire worlds spill, create, and are opened up through them. But above all, they lay the foundations for a non-verbal dialogue with the observer. Try to imagine what this could mean from a marketing and branding point of view: the entailed benefits are multi-sided.

Going back to the previously mentioned discussion about images and the matter of unleashing the most influencing version of yourself by considering brand identity, the work carried out just in few seconds – well, should we say “not” done? – from a brand image perspective is impressive. Imagine to literally drag and drop your last ten selfies, or the whole spring-summer campaign you have just concluded to shoot that will soon have a worldwide echo. A hard choice that involves several minds and much time in the decision-making. Which one will be a good fit for the Chinese audience? Which one will make customers rush to online stores to buy your product? Which one will simply cause your brand to be discovered, “tasted” and will stimulate word of mouth? These are questions on the daily agenda of those whose job involves pure communication and that can finally be answered through very small actions: opening the cloud and dragging pictures.

On a practical level, all of this is translated to achieving overall brands KPIs (whether it is traffic, retention, conversion, engagement, impressions, or whatever the specific need is). For instance, an online entertainment platform or a delivery food app might want to know their next leading content based on what people like the most – either for a tv series cover or a sushi night craving through top-class pictures. Recommending all of them with the best suggestion in a few seconds is the ace up the sleeve: our blazing science finds out the key pillars to make companies reach the extra mile, enhancing the customer (including that of the end-customer) satisfaction and skyrocketing retention.

In a nutshell, the main point is to get to the authenticity that makes each one of us stand out: it’s all about “depicting the difference”, using an instant scanner of the emotions that tells who we are and where we are going : essentially those that move us to feel and act. Managing to capture this authenticity thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms is something that resembles magic, but at the same time so ground-rooted to startling anyone.