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Diversity & Inclusion

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Creating Gradient, a Kellify company

Kellify has discovered the secrets that lie behind the visuals that foster human attraction and interest. Today, Kellify wanted to focus on something bigger, bringing science to a high-impact context in order to respond to some of the greatest challenges of our times: building a fairness culture made of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Gradient’s higher goal consists in pursuing a shift in people’s mindset, making sure that the everyday visual communication shared by companies truly mirrors the stories behind every identity that lives in this world. Gradient focuses on championing themes such as underrepresentation and justice, fostering a more inclusive society that believes in diversity as the cornerstone for change.

How does it work?

Neuroscience and AI capture the richness of the human visual experience, recognizing the perceptual and emotional characteristics that influence individuals’ perceptions and values. 

To fight under-representation, Gradient’s AI helps brands monitor and promote D&I through automated visual analysis and actionable suggestions that balance the visual representation of D&I categories (such as gender, ethnicity, age range, or body image).

The measurement unit of fairness culture

Representation falls well short of reality. Spreading an image means telling a story.  As the main goal is to make sure that everyone is included in the narrative, fighting underrepresentation, biases, and stereotypes is Gradient’s mainstay.


Companies must take into consideration D&I as a whole

Diversity and inclusion are more than just a policy: they are a real perception that brands spread whilst disseminating visuals across their channels. Visual communication is the main conveyance that holds a relevant impact on public opinion.

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