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World comprehension through images

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Kellify is the science-centric scale-up that comprehends the world through images to boost high potential businesses crafted with AI and Computer Vision.

Science is what makes Kellify reach double-digit revenue growth markets, gaining tremendous competitive advantage.The headquarter operating model works as the following: it aims straight to a market where images play a relevant role, leverages its science and patents, and then tests and validates the business model on target geographies.

Kellify operates through its flagship brand in the Martech industry by orchestrating e-commerce visuals and adv campaigns to maximize interactions; in the RE sector, with apps that automate asset valuation through property images or satellite analysis; through the Gradient brand in the D&I sector, to detect the level of diversity and inclusion conveyed by brand images; and with Naiada, the first AI that reveals which masterpieces among auctions around the world will gain a future positive trend, to shake up the wealth management industry.

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Behind the scenes of the AI that comprehends the world through images

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Diversity & Inclusion

We’re in business to shine light on the identity representations that reflect today’s world

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