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Kellify is a venture-backed AI company using artificial intelligence to search for correlation between stakeholders' behaviours and their impact on everyday events to optimally pair market-moving information with asset prices.


At Kellify we are focused on

the challenge of extracting investment value from massively complex data. Kellify puts the power of AI into the hands of today’s weightest trading desk in the world delivering actionable game-changing insights on unconventional assets such as fine art, collectibles, wine, sport events, commodities, and property.

Kellify is committed to the idea that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can and should be used to better understand our oldest and most complex human systems including economic systems and unrelated markets.

For these pillars, Kellify uses fully-automated and scalable deep neural networks and (un)supervised machine learning algorithms, developing sophisticated and data-driven trading models, turning daily life into alternative asset classes.


Kellify is a

Our team is dedicated to working for the democratisation of a traditionally unclear investment market, preserving fundamental principles of privacy and civil liberties while using data. The amount of available data is growing at a rate that is far outpacing our ability to extract business value from it. It is not just the volume of the data, it is the complexity of that data. Most data science solutions are designed for volume. Few are designed for complexity. Our approach is rooted in science, rather than financial theory and implemented by a large team of researchers whose backgrounds range from physics to computational math.

Kellify is talking to investors in their own language: math.


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