AI-based assistant turning sports betting
into an alternative asset class.

We're constantly uncovering new habits in our artificial intelligence to teach us more about how markets stream. We call it Understanding Patterns Through Kellification.
Turn AI into money

Kellify is an Artificial Intelligence that starts out as a Science Assistant helping you find the science you need in both unrelated and traditional markets.

Kellify is committed to the idea that our civilization's newest technology - Artificial Intelligence and Big Data - can and should be used to better understand our oldest and most complex human systems including social and economic systems.

Kellify deploys scalable machine learning and deep learning models across the most critical unrelated (Sports Betting, Cryptocurrencies) and traditional (Commodities trading, Asset Management) target markets to solve some of the hardest analytical problems of our time through data-driven decision-making.

Our team brings together a broad set of knowledge in the fields of software engineering investment management and algorithmics. All capabilities that we use to challenge the status quo.

Great people build great companies

Our approach is rooted in science, rather than financial theory and implemented by a large team of researchers wich backgrounds ranging from physics to computational math.


Fabrizio Malfanti   (Twitter - Linkedin)
CEO and AI Lead
Francesco Magagnini   (Twitter - Linkedin)
Chief Innovation and Product Officer

Filippo Arcioni - Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Cristiana Vaccani - Statutory Auditor
Stefano Ricci - Statutory Auditor


Kellify S.p.A.
Via XII Ottobre 2
16121 Genova
we (at) kellify (dot) com
+39 0109861182

Media Relations

Edoardo Caprino
+39 3395933457
e.caprino (at) bovindo (dot) it

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