Making images speak.

We stand with people and their perception of images and shapes to uncover the attractive drivers and spot the emotions that lie behind.
AI for every mood.

Working on Images and Shapes experienced by Millions.

Kellify, the science-centric masters of human/image interaction making what’s captivating stand out. With Kellify, it’s easy to tune the human eye into the right image for your e-commerce, your dating app, your museum and more. True interpreters of what’s experienced at a glance, superpowered by AI. Lifeblood for those who want to be the first to reach the brain and the heart of the Instagram generation: lifestylers, brand supporters, art enthusiasts, … people.

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Advantage 1
Spot the most appealing images that grab users’ attention.
Brands, Classifiers, Video-on-demand.
Advantage 4
Skyrocket matches by spotting the profiles’ inner connections that matter.
Dating apps.
Advantage 2
Get recognised for your fairness culture.
Organizations that want to assess their anti-bias standards’ compliance.
Advantage 5
Discover fine art, properties and many others collectibles’ trends that make your wallet smile.
Art & Collectibles, Real estate.
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A humanistic momentum filled by deep-reinforcement learning.
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